Makerspace Summer Camp

Lawton Public Schools (LPS) elementary school students have spent the last few weeks learning all about STEM in their Makerspace summer camp. 

The Makerspace program is designed to teach students about STEM related subjects in a fun and engaging way. This summer the camp was offered to elementary aged students in third, fourth and fifth grades. 

Vanessa Perez, assistant director of educational technology, has been working on making this camp happen for the last few months. She explains why Makerspace is so important. 

“Kids learn when they make connections and Makerspace helps them make those connections,” Perez said. “I think the kids are having fun and they’re learning and that’s what really matters.”

Cassie Reeh, GT Teacher and Makerspace instructor went through the courses the students are doing now. She believes the skills the students are learning are enhancing their educational experience in a different way. 

“A lot of times we rely on writing or drawing, but this gives them another avenue to interpret their feelings and what they have learned,” Reeh said. “The skills they are learning are moving into technology that is a part of a new norm and the things that they have learned throughout the camp has given them more tools to use to be able to express themselves.” 

The students who are a part of the Makerspace camp are having so much fun working on the new projects. Fifth grade student Mckenzie Huling-Faye shares what she will take with her beyond the camp. 

“I learned how to work cameras and with the Legos, I learned how to do some cool stuff too,” Huling-Faye said. “Now, whenever I take pictures I can use my shots I learned like wide, medium and close up shots.” 

The camp has exposed students to an array of skills such as cooking, engineering, and media. All things they plan on taking back and sharing with their schools, friends and family.

The Makerspace summer camp comes to a close at the end of June. Students interested in the camp should be on the lookout for the program next summer.