Concurrent Enrollment

In addition to traditional and virtual classes, Lawton Public Schools offers concurrent courses through partnerships with state universities, allowing students to earn college credits while still attending high school. Over 100 students are already taking advantage of the program, earning over 600 credit hours collectively.

If you or your student are interested in taking advantage of the program, please contact your student’s school counselor. The courses available include English Composition I, General Psychology, American Federal Government, Art Appreciation, Intro to Sociology and more! Concurrent classes are offered at all 3 of our high schools, so don’t hesitate to take advantage of this great opportunity to earn college credit at a discounted rate.

Cameron University Enrollment Information

Concurrent Eligibility:

To be eligible to take concurrent classes at CU, students must have the following:

  • 20 composite ACT, OR

  • 3.0 GPA & be in the top 50 % of their class.

Students must also be eligible by sub-score:

  • 19  on Math portion of ACT to take a Math class.

  • 19  on English portion of ACT to take an English class.

  • 19 on Science portion of ACT to take a Science class.

  • 19 on Reading portion of ACT to take ANY other class.

  • ***If a student does not have the appropriate sub-score on the ACT, they may attempt to take a placement test by e-mailing for an appointment.

3-step process:

  1. Get admitted to CU by applying at

  2. Get concurrent form signed by school counselor.

  3. Get enrolled by e-mailing or calling 581.6741 for an appointment.

Enroll early to get the best selection of classes! Enrollment begins on November 1st, but students may be advised in October so their enrollment can be entered on November 1st.