Eisenhower High School

It is our mission to promote:


is developed through making conscientious decisions and by choosing to be responsible for one's actions. Students are encouraged to think about how one's decisions directly reflect the consequences of one's actions.


is the key to a strong foundation. Developing a desire within students to be life long learners is the goal of every educator at Eisenhower.


is something expected of all students. Each person has goals. The belief that those goals can be obtained through hard work and perserverance is modeled by all classroom teacher and staff.

Caring Community Survey

Our mission is to insure you are prepared for your future endeavors by promoting Integrity, Knowledge, and Excellence. We want all IKE Eagles to SOAR successfully. Please take the time to take this survey so that we can continually address student needs. Thank you!

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Charlotte Oates
Charlotte Oates
Building Principal