Student Congress


Vice President

Hi! I’m Michael Washington, your 2015-2016 student body president. It has been a goal of mine to be Eisenhower’s student body president since my freshman year. As your president, I promise to lead with the upmost integrity, knowledge and excellence. As many of you may have already noticed, we have undertaken a multitude of changes coming into this year. Although things have changed I have no doubt that this year will be just as amazing as you hoped. This years’ theme is “It Starts Here.” So with a new beginning right in front of us let’s get started. Let us begin the journey of what we will become. Spread your wings and soar as every eagle should and let us all remember, “It Starts Here” So Go B16 or Go Home.

~ Let’s Go EAGLES!!

Michael Washington
Student Body President

Senior Class Officers

Senior Class President: Vanessa Shott
Senior Class Vice-President: Damonte Smith
Senior Class Secretary: Jayda Citizen
Senior Class Treasurer: Dylan Pennello

Senior Senators

Katie Farmer Rafael Lopez
Grant Naberhaus Kassadi Simien

Junior Class Officers

Junior Class President: Brooke Bross
Junior Class Vice-President: Ashley Pletcher
Junior Class Secretary: Leighanna Viscarra
Junior Class Treasurer: Alyssa Pletcher

Junior Senators

Miricle Carter Walter Galie Reed Newport
Destinee Chandler Tristan Marco Kelsi Thomas
Parker Clement

Sophomore Class Officers

Sophomore Class President: Kyndall Erricson
Sophomore Class Vice-President: A'Lya Figueroa
Sophomore Class Secretary: Tiffany Angell
Sophomore Class Treasurer: Paige Lewis

Sophomores Senators

Asia Allen Anslee Bridges
Sevon Chambers Jessica Ellis
Katie Madigan Loren Weatherspoon

Freshman Class Officers

Freshman Class President: Antonio Gordon
Freshman Class Vice-President: Matthew Roberts
Freshman Class Secretary: Abbey Phelps
Freshman Class Treasurer: Breona Wilburn

Freshman Senators

Caiton Wilmoth

Leadership 2016

Anna Boucher Robin Boudiette Rico Bussey
Lauren Chambers Jayda Citizen Selena Cunningham
Sebastian Delarosa Katie Farmer Jessica Griffith
Rafael Lopez Hannah Mitchell Gabriel Moana
Grant Naberhaus Darius Roy Vanessa Shott
Kassadi Simien Damonte Smith Dylan Stottman
Diana To Karina Vanterpool Juwan Vint
Michael Washington Derek Wise