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Military Child Club


Military Child Club (MCC)/Student 2 Student (S2S)


The Military Child Club is an organization whose members include students who were born and raised in Lawton, are longtime residents of the city or newcomers to the area.  You do not have to be affiliated with the military to be a member.  Everyone is welcome.


The club is designed to welcome new students, particularly military students.  MCC is a group that will make moving to our school an easy transition.  Our locals are here to welcome and introduce newcomers to, not only the school, but the entire Lawton community.  To be a friend from the very beginning.


***As of right now, POC is Mrs. Garrison, room 132 (MALL). 

The club meets twice a month and snacks are a part of the agenda.  We plan our future activities and socialize.  Some of the projects we have worked on include visiting both our local Veteran's Center and the OKC Center, reaching out to elementary and middle schools to encourage forming and participating in their school's MCC, social outings to events and event centers, promoting leadership and interaction, and encouraging acceptance of all.  


Each year we participate in fundraisers to help cover the cost of field trips and donations to MCC/S2S causes.