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School Testing


We/EHS will be unable to provide snacks or water this year. Students will need to be sure to have breakfast before coming to school if you are not providing breakfast for them. Every AP session will be held in the school Library. Please remind students afternoon session times are approximate. If the morning session isn’t completed when afternoon testing students arrive, they will need to wait quietly until they are admitted. Once an exam begins students will not be admitted so they must be prompt. Students will need to bring an ID, calculator (if appropriate) and wear a mask. They can bring a bottle of water.  



Tuesday, May 4 7:30 am – Library – Calculus AB – Manning/Green


Wednesday, May 5th 7:30 am – Library – English Literature – Manning/Bross


                                -11:30 am – Library – Physics 1 – Manning/Lewis


Thursday, May 6th 7:30 am – Library – US History – Manning/Brierton


                               -11:30am – Library – Computer Science A – Manning/Green


Friday, May 7th 7:30am – Library – Chemistry – Manning/Lewis


                          -11:30am – Library – European History – Manning/Baker


Monday, May 10th 7:30am – Library – World History -Manning/Lewis


Tuesday, May 11th 7:30am – Library – Spanish – Brierton/Baker


                              -11:30am – Library – Psychology – Manning/Green


Wednesday, May 12th 7:30am – Library – English Language – Manning/Bross/Lewis


Friday, May 14th 7:30am – Library – Biology – Manning/Bross


Monday, May 17th 7:30am – Library – Computer Science Principles – Manning/Baker


                              -11:30am – Library – Statistics – Manning/Bross