It is the expectation of the Lawton Public Schools board of education that as careerbound citizens, all students shall dress conservatively and appropriately during school hours and activities. All clothing, visible images and text must be appropriate for school setting, free of vulgarity and cannot promote anything illegal or age-inappropriate. Body piercing jewelry or adornment is not allowed except in the ears. Clothing must be free of holes which expose undergarments or skin above fingertip-length when standing. Clothing must fit appropriately. General dress or appearance must not disrupt the educational process. Exceptions may be made for Spirit Week on a school-wide basis. Although the weather may be hot, the air conditioners are working well at EMS. 

Allowable Dress: 

  • Jeans, slacks, wind pants, capris, and overalls which rest at the waist and cover all undergarments above fingertip-length when standing 
  • Dresses, shorts, and skirts which extend to fingertip-length when standing 
  • T-shirts, shirts, blouses, sweaters, and pullovers with fitted armholes which cover cleavage, undergarments, underarms, and midriff when sitting or standing 
  • Shoes designed to be worn outdoors and which do not pose possible damage to flooring 
  • Head gear for religious or medical purposes 

Students who wear inappropriate clothing in violation of the Student Dress Policy will be asked and required to change into appropriate clothing. If they cannot make arrangements to be in compliance, they will be loaned a t-shirt to wear or placed in In-House. The shirt should be returned to the counselor’s office at the end of the day or the following day. 

All rules and regulations are enforced not only during school hours, but also during any school activity or event during evenings, weekends, or during school holidays (i.e. Ron Stephens Stadium, Cameron Stadium, Open House, school activity trips in and out-oftown, contests, etc.).