SCHEDULE A 6th Grade, 7th Grade (Cox)SCHEDULE B 8th Grade, 7th Grade 
1st Period8:30-9:20am1st Period8:30-9:20am
2nd Period9:25-10:152nd Period9:25-10:15
3rd Period10:20-11:103rd Period10:20-11:10
LUNCH11:10-11:404th Period11:15-12:05pm
4th Period11:45-12:35pmLUNCH12:05-12:35
5th Period12:40-1:305th Period12:40-1:30
6th Period1:35-2:256th Period1:35-2:25
7th Period2:30-3:157th Period2:30-3:15

Breakfast is free to all students and served every school day beginning at 8:00am, in the school cafeteria.

Students are not allowed to enter the building until 8:00am, unless otherwise authorized, and must enter through the main (north) entrance. In an effort to preserve and encourage school safety, all students are subject to metal detector and manual baggage searches upon arrival.

8th hour is offered immediately after school for students seeking additional instruction or assistance. 8th hour ends at 3:45pm, and students must make their own transportation arrangements to get home at that time. No late busses are available until further notice. Students also may make individual arrangements with their teachers for "zero hour" tutoring, from 8:00-8:30am. "Zero hour" is offered at the teacher's discretion.