Question Answer
Is this bid for a complete refresh of WAP’s and switches or is this an add-on to existing equipment? These will be additional wireless AP's and switches in our infrastructure.
I saw your 470 posted for E-rate and I am curious how many years of licensing you would like for your APs and switches? 1, 3 or 5? Per the RFP, the bid MUST INCLUDE a 5 year license for the switches and access points.
Would Higher Ed and K-12 references work? Yes. Higher Ed and K-12 references are acceptable.
Are you requesting cable and installation? We are only seeking cabling supplies, and we will complete the installation in-house
Question about the Worksheet. In the Internal Connections Hardware starting on page 3, do we need to fill in the pricing on this sheet or can we attach our quote? It will be fine if you attach your quote, however please keep it in the format that we have in the RFP. This will help us to compare all the venders that have submitted bids.